Our close-knit team of dreamers works hard to achieve our mission to inspire lifelong learning and interest in STEM. Working at the Center is fast-paced, challenging, and gives us the opportunity to be collaborative and creative.

We believe in what we do and we strive to make the Treasure Valley (and world) a better place, full of curious, scientifically literate citizens who know the power of lifelong learning. We believe in belonging and inclusion, and we believe STEM is for everyone.


General Inquiries? Please email webmail@dcidaho.org or call our Front Desk at 208.343.9895.

Eric Miller  |  Executive Director
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 230
Fun Fact: The Hubble telescope can be used to see more than 13 billion years into the past!

Ashten Goodenough  |  Chief Operating Officer
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 238
Fun Fact: It is impossible to eat 6 saltine crackers in 60 seconds without drinking anything.

Emily Mahon - Education Director
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 235
Fun Fact: Eating cheese at the end of a meal can help neutralize the acids in your mouth and reduce the chance of tooth decay.

Lydia Bassett  |  Development Director
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 242
Fun Fact: The only letter not appearing on the Periodic Table is the letter 'J.'

Christine Shira  |  Finance Director
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 237
Fun Fact: The latin name for ferret, Mustela putorius furo means "smelly little thief."

Daniel Coombs  |  Visitor Services Manager
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 239
Fun Fact: Muscles cannot push - they can only pull.

Alina Svidgal  |  Social Media & Communications Coordinator Email
Fun Fact: "There’s a species of fungus which looks like a sponge. Its scientific name is, quite unexpectedly, Spongiforma squarepantsii."

Pam Smart  |  Membership Program Coordinator
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 236
Fun Fact: It's OK to be called a bird-brain: a Crow's brain (relative to body size) is larger than a human's!

Cynthia Mouzis  |  Events Coordinator
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 222
Fun Fact: The human nose can detect more than 1 trillion smells!

Sage Alexander  |  Volunteer Coordinator
Email |  208-343-9895 ext 224
Fun Fact: Octopuses are capable of building underwater cities.

Cassidy Bremer  |  Education Coordinator
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 224
Fun Fact: The average cumulus cloud contains 1.1 million pounds of water droplets, which is the equivalent to 5 adult blue whales

Robert Klusaw  |  Exhibits Fabricator
Email  |  208-343-9895 ext 240
Fun Fact: Pluto, which is half the width of the United States, has a heart-shaped glacier that’s the size of Texas and Oklahoma.


Our board is made up of talented, passionate professionals who care about STEM learning and graciously volunteer their time to help us achieve our mission. They love to see visitors excited about learning, and they know that STEM-minded citizens solve real problems and make the world a better place. Philanthropic and action-oriented, this team of advocates knows the value of STEM's interaction with other aspects of culture and life, and how important it is for our future.


Susan Copple


Joshua Nelson

Immediate Past President

Cathy Ammirati

Secretary & President Elect

Dena Shipton


Adam Greyson

Christopher McCurdy

Dean Klein

Steve Simpson

Ronald V. Dorn, MD, FACR

Diana Garza

Ralph Budwig, PhD, PE

Chris Cuneo

Philip Bartlett



We host a variety of events here at the Discovery Center of Idaho: Young Discoverers, Adult Nights, and friendly challenges among members and frequent visitors. No matter the age or activity, we have a lot of fun and are certain we have something on our calendar sure to entertain and create lasting memories.

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Do you love the Discovery Center? Do you want to support school field trips, in-house produced exhibitions, and STEM education in Idaho? Make a donation!

Your gift impacts every aspect of the Discovery Center. It boosts access for Idaho students, creates STEM educational opportunities, guarantees fresh exhibitions, delivers memorable learning, and inspires future career paths in STEM fields for Idaho’s next generation. Your financial support makes a galactic difference.

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Discovery Center membership is a rewarding experience for you and your family. Become a member and attend sneak previews of our new exhibitions, receive discounts on camps and birthday parties, and enjoy the Discovery Center every day of the year.

Join today and become part of our community. Together, we can achieve our mission to inspire lifelong interest and learning in STEM.

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