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All About our Science Summer Camps

Discovery Center of Idaho has a range of cool summer science camps to keep kids busy and learning new skills during summer vacation. One-week sessions let kids explore different subjects like LEGO engineering, coding and STEM skills to discover new skills and interests. These Boise summer camps are designed to help children grow and expand their love of STEM. By starting early, parents can help spark an interest that eventually leads kids to a career in engineering, science, math or art.

Developing a love for science usually starts with a spark of interest, and the more a child is exposed to the different STEM fields, the more likely they are to continue learning more. Designed for children from 1st through 7th grade, these camps let kids see how science can change their world and connect with all kinds of life. The small group sizes allow all campers to benefit from instruction and get plenty of hands on time with tools and experiments.

Camps are open to both members and non-members of the Discovery Center, but members do enjoy a discount on the overall price of camp. Some of the most popular Boise summer camps for kids we offer include:

Find Out Hidden Information With The Skills You Learn in Spy Camp!

Ever wondered how much of the truth you can find out using a scientific approach? Campers can become real life spies with these techniques for analyzing a situation, investigating forensics and discovering the truth. Find out what is hiding in plain sight with these STEM secrets and techniques. This camp is ideal for kids who might have an interest in law enforcement or crime scene investigation careers down the road.

Tell a Mind-Blowing Story With Scratch Storytelling Skills!

Just like the words in a book, code can tell a story that connects with people. Learn how to use coding to add characters, special effects and music to make your interactive story come to life. With the coding schools learned in this camp session, campers can create unique websites and online elements. This is a great camp for children who might be interested in web and graphic design careers down the road.

Expand Your Mindstorms Robotics Skills in One Week

If you want to test your robot building and programming skills, this is the camp for you. Along with your team, you’ll use LEGO Mindstorms to program a robot and understand exactly what it works. Then you’ll take on robotics challenges to test your skills! This year, the theme for campers will be Autonomous Apologies. Kids will weave this theme into their robotic creations to make something truly unique.

Join The Robot Rockstars and Create Something Unique

For kids who already have the basics of robotics down, this camp will help them learn everything they need to be a robotics Rockstar! Work with a team to learn how to design and program robots in Lego Mindstorms and more. Campers will not only expand their skills in robotic design and programming, they will also get a chance to practice working in teams to achieve a goal.

There Are No Limits When You Code Your Own Adventure

Are you ready to share your ideas and creations online? This camp helps you polish up your coding skills so you can create your own awesome website! Learn how code can solve challenges and help you connect with people around the world who want to hear what you have to say. Then, you'll learn how to create animations, visual effects and website pages.

Go Full Steam Ahead To Learn All About Science

STEAM lovers, this is the best choice out of all the science camps for you. Experience a little of each of the subjects that make up STEAM, like technology, coding, art and science. This is a great choice for campers who want to experience a little something different each day of the week and get exposed to multiple aspects of STEAM.

LEGO Lovers Unite in LEGO Engineers One

LEGO lovers will enjoy planning and building new creations in this camp session. Learn how to engineer unique LEGO creations and use the right bricks to make sure they stay standing. Each session of LEGO Engineers has different challenges, so no matter how many times you attend, you'll never be bored.

Lego Engineers Two Brings LEGO Lovers Back Together For a New Challenge

Another session of our ever-popular LEGO engineering camp, with all new challenges and experiences to help you become a LEGO master builder. Harness your creativity into building totally new creations with bricks and imagination. Campers will work independently and in teams to deliver new and unique creations.

Learn Programming and Engineering With Sumobots

Ready for a new challenge? Our Sumobots camp session combines electrical engineering and computer programming to stimulate kids who want to accomplish as much as they can in one week. Campers will work on programming a Parallax Sumobot for entry into competitions.

Chemical Concoctions Let You Create a Big Bang!

Calling all chemistry lovers! Go crazy in the lab and see what kind of reactions you can create! Campers from grades 1 through 3 will create mysterious potions and set off chemical reactions using scientific ingredients. This camp is perfect for kids who love to mix, pour, make a mess and create a bang.

All Girls Coding Camp Combines Learning Skills and Mentorship

Feel the girl power during this week of female centered coding instruction. This camp is designed to spark and foster an interest in STEM fields for girls in grades 4 to 8. Learning to code is just the first step in having a career in a STEM field. The campers in this science camp connect with other girls who are interested in coding, as well as mentors who can provide guidance and advice.

Understand How our Ecosystem Works with Wonders of Water and Wildlife

Perfect for nature lovers, this camp features daily visits to the H2Whoa exhibit inside the Discovery Center and the Boise Zoo to help campers understand the ways water contributes to the health of the environment and the animals who live there. Through this camp, children from grades 5 to 7 can begin to understand the delicate balance of an eco-system and how animal life depends on it.

 Why Choose Discovery Center Camps This Summer?

Camps at the Discovery Center offer campers a way to keep busy during the summer months, learn new science skills and experience something outside of their normal camp experience. Attending one or more camp sessions can benefit kids and parents in many ways. Instead of staying at home and spending time using electronic devices, the camp experience stimulates the child through exposure to new subjects and instruction from experienced professionals. Studies have also shown that attending a camp can help stop summer learning loss and help children continue learning even during their vacation time. In addition to learning valuable skills that may help them in STEM classes in the upcoming school year, campers will get to connect and build friendships with other kids in the same age group who have similar interests.

To find out more about any camp session, or register your child for camp at the Discovery Center, click here.

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