On November 10th, 2018

Bodies Human Exhibition - Safe For Kids?

BODIES HUMAN at the Discovery Center of Idaho

The ​BODIES HUMAN: Anatomy in Motion Exhibition is a unique opportunity for adults and children alike to learn more about their own bodies and anatomy.

In this exhibit, human specimens preserved through a processed called plastination are displayed in varying activities to show how bodies react while in motion. With over 100 specimens, the Bodies Human exhibition offers a chance to see the human body in a way unlike any other.

Specimens in the Bodies Human exhibit are real bodies that were donated to science and prepared by the Nanjing Plastinated Laboratory in Taiwan. Many human bodies are donated and plastinated in this manner for use by medical students and informative exhibits. Plastination can take up to a year for a full body, and involves replacing the body's fat and water with a hardened polymer plastic. This renders the bodies dry, odorless, and significantly more durable than they would be otherwise.

Bodies Human exhibition is a kid friendly and visual way to see the affect of various life styles and choices on overall health. Many of the bodies on display are engaged in activities such as singing, playing sports, or exercising. In addition, exhibits that highlight the difference between a healthy and unhealthy body are also displayed in the Bodies Human exhibit. By providing physical examples of diseases such as lung cancer, children and adults can better understand the health consequences of their actions.

Although some exhibits may seem foreign or frightening, it is important to remember that everyone has a body and that the key to caring for it is knowledge. Children may find some parts of this exhibit surprising, as this is a way that most people have not viewed the human body. Parents and educators can help prepare their children with a field trip guide. There is also a detailed guide to the exhibits available on the resource guide found on the Discovery Center of Idaho website.

Come see the human body as you've never seen it before on December 18th, 2018 to March 24th, 2019. With displays that are simultaneously kid friendly and informative, this exhibit is bound to intrigue and awe both children and adults alike.

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