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Continue your journey of discovery at home by streaming our Young Discoverers program, hands-on STEM activities, tutorials, Q&A’s, and more. These educational activities and resources are for all ages of learners and are meant to inspire and excite all people about science, math, technology and engineering; however, we’ve come up with helpful categories to easily find the resource perfect for you! Navigate the categories below to learn more about them.

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Resource Categories

Young Discoverers Program - Online

There's nothing quite like seeing a child's eyes light up when they learn something new!

Every Wednesday, we are uploading a new #STEMatHome video of our Young Discoverer Educators, Alex and Ellen doing what they do best ― sharing fun, hands-on activities geared for the Pre-K audience and families to do together with materials you probably already have. We hope you have a STEM-tastic time!

Go to: DCI Youtube channel playlists and click on the Young Discoverers Playlist to view all our latest activities. Remember! We will update these every Wednesday

Send us your finished projects or your own video of you and your family following Alex and Ellen’s instructions, or maybe just a message or video from you sharing something you love about STEM or Young Discoverers! Each month, we’ll post our favorite community videos on our website and on our social media sites so you, too, are a part of our STEM story!

Video links and pictures can be shared here.

Weekly Explorations in STEM!

Every Monday we will create a Youtube playlist that you can use to explore various STEM topics with your school-age children! These playlists will sometimes use original videos made by our Education team, but we’re also all about collaboration and sharing, so we’ll be filtering through all that wonderful content on the interwebs and narrowing down video playlists that we think you’ll both enjoy and learn from.

In addition to the play lists, enjoy the many hands-on activities to do at home, from our blog archives while we work to create even more!

To send us STEM topics you’d like to explore, fill out our form here! We’ll try to mention all of our playlist inspirations by name 🙂

Get familiar with our upcoming King Tut Treasures of the Tomb exhibition!

We’re sharing our King Tut Educator Resource Guide with the public to prepare you for our exciting new exhibition opening at the Discovery Center of Idaho upon our re-opening. This guide was originally intended for our 6th and 7th grade teacher audience, but is chalk-full of fun and interesting facts, activities and YouTube videos that we hope will both spark excitement and make everyone’s in-person visit even more meaningful!

Click here to explore our King Tut Resource Guide

We love your feedback, so please let us know if you notice any errors or inconsistencies in our guide! We can always make it better! Click here to share comments.

Go to: DCI YouTube channel playlists and click on the Learn About King Tut Playlist to view the videos embedded in the resource guide.

Ask an Expert!

We are so grateful to have Jan Summers Duffy, an Egyptologist, Archaeologist and expert on King Tut living right here in Boise! She has been gracious enough with us to consult with us as we prepare for our King Tut exhibition and make herself available to answer questions from the public!

Take some time to explore our educational materials and pull together your questions! Share your questions here.

Each month throughout the run of the exhibition, we will post a video of Jan answering your questions about Archaeology and King Tut on our Youtube channel.

STEM Resources, Discovery from Home!

We will continue to update our resource page for our community to find quality STEM learning resources!

Check it out here for links to more STEM learning options online!

STEM Blogs and Activities

Virtual resources and learning have always been something the Discovery Center has worked towards. With the creation of DCI at Home, we put together some of our older STEM educational blogs and at-home STEM activities for you to enjoy!

  • King Tut Resource: Lecture + Live Q&A from CSUSB
  • STEM Exploration: Harry Potter Science
  • Young Discoverers: Helicopters!
  • Learn about King Tut Part 18: Ask an Expert! Guardians of the Tomb
  • STEM Exploration: Chemical Reactions
  • Learn about King Tut Part 17 - Materials of the Tomb (Pt. 3): Papyrus
  • Young Discoverers: Fly an Airplane!
  • STEM Exploration: You are what you eat!
  • Learn about King Tut Part 16: Ask an Expert! Gold Goddesses



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