On May 18th, 2018

The Benefits of Summer Camps for Kids

Every kid gets super excited when summer finally swings around! Popsicles, bike rides and fun dips in the pool with friends are just some of the things that kids can do to stay active, or just enjoy some sweet treats to enjoy the beautiful weather. Each summer is an opportunity for your child to grow and expand both intellectually and socially. Many parents consider sending their children to summer camps, whether it's a biology related science camp or even a space camp like they show in the movies!

Discovery Center is an awesome place to access fun and engaging material for the younger generation across several subjects. It's crucial to begin fostering an interest in hobbies and activities outside the standard curriculum offered in schools so they are able to live more well-rounded lives and explore different interests. Kids who express an interest in science early on are more likely to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and in today's modern tech enabled economy, having a strong foundation in science and math will help build an excellent foundation for a child's future.

Whether your child wants to learn more about how exactly rain is formed, or they just have an affinity for picking bugs up out of the soil, summer camps are an awesome place for kids to grow, learn and even socialize with other kids who could share similar interests, and potentially even become best friends for life.

Development of Social Skills:

Social skills are a critical part of a child's developmental growth and research has shown that children who experience more social interaction throughout the day grow to have higher IQ's. This skill will help them in every aspect of their lives, from their professional career when they're trying to ace that interview to land the job, to their personal lives when they are stuck in a conflict with another person. Science summer camps involve a lot of communication to share research and learn as much as possible. We all know communication can make all the difference in how someone else interprets our message and intentions. All skills can be developed through repeated practice and social skills are no different. The ability to talk to other people confidently will improve your child's quality of life in school, in the playground and even within your own home. Strong communicators build stronger students and consumers in the long run.

Improved Healthy Living:

Nowadays, most kids are glued to their mobile phones and it's fostering a very unhealthy culture for newer generations. The constant use of technology, which displays strong blue lights can actually harm your child's eyes and if they are using their mobile phones before they fall asleep, interrupt their sleeping pattern While the long-term effects of screen time haven't been studied in depth just yet, it's clear that staying indoors more behind TV and computer screens is detrimental to everyone's health. With science summer camps, your child will most likely be in an outdoor environment where there is no internet connection to distract them with pointless social media notifications. Encourage your children to run around, get exposed to healthy amounts of sunlight (with SPF on their skin, of course) rather than watch the entire season of their favorite show on Netflix. Having a good amount of exercise in one's schedule will improve energy levels, increasing them significantly. While it may sound counterintuitive, exercise and physical activity will actually give a person more energy to expend throughout the day.

Team Sports Encourage Skill Building:

Some children are very enthusiastic about joining sports camps, from basketball camp to soccer and football camps. It's important to not discriminate between genders and to allow your child to pick the sport that makes them the happiest, regardless of whether they're a boy, girl or gender fluid. Sports can build a large part of a young person's identity and if your child truly enjoys what they are doing, they may even stick with practicing the sport long term throughout their entire academic career, and it would all be thanks to that one summer they spent at sports camp. All it takes is one coach to really influence how a kid sees themselves and values their own capabilities. Sports are an empowering way to not only get involved in healthy physical activity, but also to develop a new skill that will set them apart from their peers when future college applications roll around.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work:

Another excellent benefit to joining a sports team for the summer is that your child will learn how to work well with other kids. Team work is an incredibly important skill and learning to be a good team player will be a very helpful life skill not just in childhood but all throughout your child's life. Working well with others is a universally needed skill that eases communication barriers (should your child choose to travel) or even just complete a school science project effectively with a group of three of their friends. It's crucial for your kid to learn to not be overly competitive to the point where they are clashing with their peers, resulting in conflicting friendships and social experiences. All skills are intertwined and a strong set of skills that enable your child to interact well with other children will make for a better experience for all the people around them, including you and your partner who are raising the child.

Building Confidence:

Confidence is absolutely essential in putting one's best foot forward, and it is no different for a young kid. Without the courage to stand up for what they believe in, voice their needs and concerns, and simply talk to others, your child could be missing out on a lot of critical opportunities. Summer camp can not only expand your child's mind intellectually, but it can also help them begin to practice building self-confidence skills, whether it’s through demonstrating their skills on stage in a final dance performance in front of their peers, or simply being able to build and use a tent on their own. Feeling self-assured will only provide positive benefits to your child's life. Lack of confidence on the other hand, can hinder a child's development in ways that make it difficult to prosper both professionally and personally once they are older.

Interacting with Nature:

Most people, child or adult, spend time indoors or live in really industrialized cities where’re skyscrapers or huge buildings block sunlight and take up space in the neighborhood that otherwise could've been used for playing, nature isn't as popular of an environment nowadays. Being exposed to nature will be beyond beneficial to your child's health both for their eye health and their overall physical health. Being in an environment where there is fresh air, maybe a pond or lake, and even a ground made of soil can expand your child's life experience, which in turn will make them smarter and more well-rounded down the line. Being able to adapt to a lot of different environments is also pretty crucial to moving through life with ease.

Improves Personal Growth:

The experiences we have as a child can strongly influence the people we become as adults, so whether your child is interested in summer science camps or an art related summer camp, it's important to encourage these interests. The more interests your child expresses, the easier it will be to start getting a sense of the direction they will likely in their life. Did you know that as adults, we still tend to want to pursue the same career we wanted when we were children? While many people spend their lives stuck in a cubicle working a 9 to 5, it's very possible to break this cycle for your child so they can live a life that they find personally fulfilling. Having a great summer camp experience can really help your child grow as a person, too. We all have something we can improve on, whether it's giving a presentation in front of their teacher and friends without feeling super anxious and nervous, or properly creating their own bed to sleep in at night, it's critical to continuously improve ourselves, and this should not stop once we become adults either.

Helping your child foster personal interests early on in life, will lead to a happy and more fulfilling life as a young adult and eventually as a grown adult. Physical, mental and emotional health are important to a child's development, and summer camp is a great way to see your child grow.

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