The Largest Star Wars Fan Exhibition

Calling all Jedis! An exhibition unlike any other in the galaxy is coming to a science center near you, opening March 6th, 2023 at the Discovery Center of Idaho. Chosen by the public as the best Star Wars fan-made exhibition in 2017, The Fans Strike Back Exhibition is the largest privately owned collection of Star Wars fan items, and this Spring, we’re bringing it to Boise, Idaho.

The Discovery Center of Idaho has partnered with the Micron Foundation to host this world-class traveling exhibition featuring items collected by fans and displayed for fans. Featured in cities across Europe, from Madrid to Paris, and America, from New York to Las Vegas, this world-renowned exhibition gives fans the chance to explore the Empire in a whole new way.

The Experience

The Fans Strike Back Exhibition is a unique experience for the whole family with exceptional staging of the most popular Star Wars sets, a stunning depiction of a spaceship battle, and even a special selection of mythical weapons, helmets, film masks signed by actors, and iconic creatures from the legendary saga. Visitors will immerse themselves in a galaxy far, far away through photos, posters, famous costumes, life-size figurines, models, light sabers, blasters and more–all official objects bought by Star Wars fans. 

The Fans Strike Back Exhibition opens at the Discovery Center of Idaho on March 6th, 2023 and will run until Fall 2023.

The Fans Strike Back Exhibition is in no way linked to Disney Enterprises, INC., Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, Lucas Licensing Ltd.; Lucas Entertainment Company Ltd. LLC or The Lego Group TM or Hasbro or any of their trademarks and/or businesses. All images used are reproductions of private works belonging to the exhibition.

Image of Star Wars figurines in cases.

A Word From Our Education Director

“Science fiction helps us see and experience the universe in new and exciting ways. Creators of fantastical Sci-Fi worlds begin with the basics of STEM by observing the world through a scientific lens. Inspired by our evolving knowledge of elements, properties of matter, quantum fields, and black holes, creators can imagine new scientific innovations and their future impacts. The Discovery Center of Idaho hopes that The Fans Strike Back Exhibition will inspire students and visitors to imagine their world in new and extraordinary ways; to innovate positive change using the creativity inherent in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.” Emily Mahon, Education Director

Immerse yourself in a galaxy far, far away...

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