Enjoy access to hands-on STEAM learning in your home or classroom!

Discovery Center of Idaho is proud to offer our lending library of learning kits from the National Informal STEM Education Network (N.I.S.E.), CELL-MET and some of our own creations & collections for educators and caregivers to use to promote hands-on STEAM learning at home or in the classroom for *FREE! 

(*Fully refundable $25 deposit is required)

For any questions, please email education@dcidaho.org.

How does it work?

  1. Choose up to 3 hands-on activity / demonstration kits at a time
  2. Fill out the request form
  3. Pick up your kit at the Discovery Center, on your chosen date (during business hours)
  4. Drop off your kit(s), with all the pieces intact after 3 weeks

N.I.S.E. Kits:

(*Fully refundable $25 deposit is required)

Includes hands-on materials to use at home or in your classroom, plus access to web resources and facilitation training videos from the National Informal STEM Education Network.
Available February through May, 2022.

The (EEK!) Engineering Engagement Kit:

(*Fully refundable $25 deposit is required)

This kit came to life through the support and funding provided by CELL-MET, an engineering research center. CELL-MET is a collaboration between over 200 engineers and scientists across 3 universities. Together, researchers are working to engineer heart tissue that can be used to repair diseased hearts.

Through EEK!, the CELL-MET team hopes to expose young learners and their families to the exciting field of engineering and engage them in the problems that researchers must consider when trying to build heart tissue patches. 


To learn more about the research inspiring these kits visit CELL-MET

Kit contains materials for 7 activities.

  • Get children excited about engineering through minimizing cognitive barriers between self identity and engineering
  • Highlight the soft skills that are so important to engineering
  • Show how engineering can be used to help people.

Discovery Center of Idaho Kits:

(*Fully refundable $25 deposit is required)

Includes hands-on materials to use at home or in your classroom plus access to Discovery Center of Idaho web resources and facilitation training videos.

Bildr Box Engineering Activity:

Give children the tools they need to build from their imagination. These plastic pieces and links allow for multiple different angles and imaginative engineering. Easy to use, easy to clean and the kids don’t know they’re learning!

Keva Plank Classroom Bin:

We’ve loaded up on KEVA Brain Builders from MindWare so that you can share these amazing learning tools with your whole class at no cost! These blocks will train your brain to turn 2-dimensional diagrams into 3-dimensional reality. Approach KEVA from a whole new angle with this interactive STEM tool!

Stomp Rocket Bin:

Who doesn’t love Stomp rockets?! These kits include multiple rubber tubes, tape, PVC pipes and directions. Not included: Plastic soda bottles, paper and paper-clips.

Kits to Keep! Kits for Purchase ($3-$9/kit)

Includes prepared and pre-measured materials to use at home or in your classroom plus FREE instructional videos exploring the STEM behind the activity, access to instructional slides, preparation materials, printed and digital activity instructions.

Matter Splatter Milk Toy Activity ($3/kit):

Matter Splatter offers a unique opportunity for students to dive into the world of material science and engineering. Exploring how scientists’ ability to understand, control and combine materials produce some of the most advanced technology in existence today!

Watch the accompanying instructional video HERE.

In this activity, students will turn milk into a moldable plastic by causing a chemical reaction that bonds protein molecules (casein) to create a polymer!

SLIME! ($3/kit):

This activity is all about SLIME! In this activity, students will create their own slime while learning about the properties of non-Newtonian fluids. 

Accompanying educational videos will be available beginning October 1. 

In the meantime follow the instructions HERE to create your own slime at home or in the classroom. 

Summer Dinosaur Kit ($9/kit):

Available June – August, 2022

Everyone loves dinosaurs! This summer we have two on display at the Discovery Center of Idaho! Not only do we get to learn from our resident adolescent T.rex, Tinker, we also have a visiting, full-grown dinosaur from the Field Museum in Chicago – SUE: The T. rex Experience!

Watch the accompanying instructional video HERE.

This kit includes FIVE activities! Kit includes instructions and pre-measured materials for the following activities:

  1. Q-Tip Dinosaurs
  2. Make Your Own Pangaea Puzzle
  3. Make an Impression (fossil)
  4. Hatch a Dino
  5. Biome in a Bag

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