Welcome to the Classics

The collection of exhibits below have stood the test of time at our hands-on science center. With over 100,000 visitors each year, all exhibit designs have been thoroughly tested. These exhibits are meant to become part of your permanent collection, serving your current audiences as well as future generations of visitors. Our talented exhibit production team has meticulously crafted each exhibit. The exhibits have been thoughtfully built to accommodate a wide range of visitors and are easy to maintain.

All exhibits are new and come with a one-year warranty. Shipping and crating are not included. For more information, email Ashten Goodenough, Chief Operating Officer.

BRICKS! Collection

Note: The following exhibits do not include building bricks.

Shake Table

Shake Table (Design, earthquakes, physics)

Visitors build a structure and test it on the shake table to learn how it reacts to lateral forces.

Footprint: 24″x 48″

Price: $12,000


Racers (Simple machines, friction, gravity)

Visitors build their own wheeled vehicles and race them down a track.

Footprint: 24″x 72″ table and 24″ x 192″ ramp

Price: $12,000


Patterns (design, patterns, math)

This popular exhibit allows visitors to turn their own brick designs into a dazzling kaleidoscope.

Footprint: 24″x 72″

Price: $13,500

Parachute Launcher

Parachute Launcher (Design, fluid dynamics, thrust, aerodynamics, gravity)

At this favorite classic exhibit, visitors send a minifig flying upward to slowly parachute down to the floor.

Footprint: 24″x 48″

Price: $8,000

Music Maker

Music Maker (Music, design, acoustics, math)

Similar to a giant music box, visitors select a pre-programmed board or make their own composition to play through a xylophone device.

Footprint: 24″x 72″

Price: $15,000


Mural (Design, patterns)

This collaborative experience encourages visitors to work together to create unique designs and patterns.

Footprint: 48″x 96″

Price: $5,000

Building Station

Building Station (Engineering, design, physics, simple machines)

The building station is a free-build area that allows visitors to imagine, build and test their own creations.

Footprint: 24″x 192″ (assembled)

Price: $12,000

Ball Maze

Ball Maze (Patterns, simple machines, motor skills)

Using a horizontal adjustable platform, visitors make their own ball maze and navigate the ball through the puzzle by adjusting the angle of the platform.

Ball Maze (Patterns, simple machines, motor skills) – Using a horizontal adjustable platform, visitors make their own ball maze and navigate the ball through the puzzle by adjusting the angle of the platform.

Footprint: 30″x 72″

Price: $12,000

Animation Station

Animation Station (Stop frame animation)

At the Animation Station visitors position minifigs and other small objects to make a short movie using a time-lapse camera.

Footprint: 24″x 72″

Price: $15,000

Air Power

Air Power (Pneumatics, gears, levers, pulleys)

At this stand-alone station visitors use low-pressure air powered turbines to actuate their unique brick contraptions.

Footprint: 24″x 72″c

Footprint: 24″x 72″

30th Anniversary Collection

Air Cannon

Air Cannon (Physics)

Visitors experience force and airflow in a fun way. By shooting gusts of air across space, aiming for targets (such as hanging fabric or pinwheels), visitors can produce an effect that appears to be an ‘invisible’ shot hitting a target.

Notes: Targets not included.

Footprint: 30″x60″

Price: $10,000

Balance Beams

Balance Beams (Physics/Math)

By stacking different configurations of weights in different locations along two beams, visitors explore the ratios and measurements that allow the beams to balance.

Footprint: 24″X72″

Price: $12,000

Balancing Act

Balancing Act (Biology)

Test your balance and explore the power of your inner ear. Visitors are challenged to find and keep their balance on a teetering platform. Balance takes not only muscle strength but also calibration of your inner ear. See how your abilities improve as your practice; compare your balance to that of your friends.

Footprint: 30″X60″

Price: $12,000

Bernoulli Blower

Bernoulli Blower (Physics/Fluid Dynamics)

At this classic exhibit, visitors explore how different spheres react in a strong air stream.

Footprint: 24″X48″

Price: $10,000

Bite A Phone

Bite a Phone (Biology)

This exhibit gently vibrates the jaw and skull, allowing visitors to ‘hear’ music, not otherwise audible.

Footprint: 24″X48″

Price: $8,500

Bubble Window

Bubble Window (Fluid Dynamics)

Bubble Window is a classic favorite. Visitors pull a rope to create a large bubble film and then interact with the film by touching it or gently blowing bubbles.

Notes: Bubble recipe included.

Footprint: 20″X60″

Price: $10,000

Downhill Racers

Downhill Racers (Physics)

Each of the racers in Downhill Racers are weighted differently, causing them to roll at different speeds. Visitors compare two racers at a time to determine which will reach the end of the track first.

Footprint: 20″X96″

Price: $12,000

Floating Magnet

Floating Magnet (Magnetism)

Floating Magnet is an elegant expression of a relatively simple phenomenon. Taking advantage of the slowing effects of eddy currents, visitors can make a central magnet literally float in space between two large pieces of copper.

Footprint: 24″X60″

Price: $9,000

Giant Colored Light Exhibit

Giant Colored Light Exhibit (Colors/Patterns)

By placing different colored bottles of water in different configurations, visitors create an endless number of glowing patterns.

Notes: Includes empty bottles. Smaller sizes available.

Footprint: 24″X176″

Price: $18,000


Harmonograph (Patterns)

Using different color pens, visitors at this exhibit make unique patterns drawn on paper by random motion.

Footprint: 24″X72″

Price: $12,000

Magnet Race

Magnet Race (Magnetism)

This exhibit contains round magnets sandwiched between rails of different materials. When the platform is tipped, the magnets roll at different speeds as they react to eddy currents.

Footprint: 24″X48″

Price: $7,500

Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes (Physics)

Visitors can design and build a paper airplane and test it by aiming for various heights and distances. Visitors can compare different designs, flap settings since the direction and magnitude of thrust remain constant.

Notes: Targets and barrier not included.

Footprint: 24″X72″

Price: $8,000

Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball (Electricity)

This glass sphere is filled with a mixture of noble gases(plasma) with a high-voltage electrode at the center of the sphere. A fluorescent tube, mounted in a rotating acrylic case, illuminates when it is turned toward the plasma ball.

Footprint: 24″X60″

Price: $7,500